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‘The Happy Stay at Home Mom’ a book every mom should read!

When I finished reading ‘The Happy Stay at Home Mom’, all I could think was ‘How come nobody ever thought about writing this book before?!’ A must-read for every woman that is starting the motherhood journey, Sara Gavira walks us through how to continue practicing self-care after a new baby joins the family.

Although the title says it is a guide for Stay at Home Moms, the book is perfect for any and every woman who is riding the motherhood roller coaster. It doesn’t even matter if you’re having your first or fifth kid, this is the type of book that you want to keep close to remind yourself of simple steps of self-care that we may forget while trying to survive the first year of our little angels.

One of the first things 9 in 10 women do when finding out about the pregnancy is to buy ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. We want to understand the changes in our body and the processes of a new human growing inside us. Getting closer to the third trimester, most of the books are about how to take care of the baby, but all we read about us are baby blues and depression symptoms.

My birth story is very similar to Sara’s experience. I too needed an emergency c-section after hours in labor, and just like her, all of a sudden I went from a successful working woman to a SAHM. I was alone with a newborn, and although my husband was very supportive and helpful, he was gone for most of the day to work. It only took a couple of days to realize that every book I read didn’t have a word about how to take care of myself in such an overwhelming situation.

Reading ‘The Happy Stay at Home Mom’ 3 years after becoming a mom brought back memories of my journey of finding ways to fit self-care into my new mom role. There were a lot of google researches, visits to doctors and therapy support. Sara went through the same thing and had the amazing idea of capturing everything she learned in a book.

It took Sara three years to finish the book, but with discipline and the intention to help other moms, she presented us with a delightful book. Reading ‘The Happy Stay at Home Mom’ is like talking to a friend – a Colombian friend, by the way – about how to still make ourselves a priority in a moment when our lives are about the newborn.

Sara shares her researches about skincare, healthy eating and exercising, in a simple and direct way. She also gives tips on how to keep your house organized and to cultivate a peaceful life. I love her homemade smoothies and facial masks recipes, they became part of my daily routine and I could see the improvements on my skin and also feel more energized.

‘The Happy Stay at Home Mom’ is the best gift you can give to a pregnant friend! You can buy it on Amazon (it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited). The author, Sara Gaviria, is on Instagram, Facebook and has a fun blog. She will love to hear from you.


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