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  • Hi 👋🏻 and bye 👋🏻 .. At least for now. It was a fun ride where I met amazing people, made new friends and was able to share a lot of my experiences, motivations and inspirations. As a person that loves to get shit done, it was easy to lose track of the purpose and reasons that made me start this.
All I wanted was to write a blog. The IG was a way to take traffic to the blog (I know, no-fucking-body reads blogs nowadays, but whatever, it was something for ME). I ended spending too much time here, I gave Facebook the power over my free time and here I am resetting and claiming it back! 
So, I'll be doing my thing, giving 2fucks about numbers, engagement and IG bugs for a while. You can still find me at @Iam_V_Not_Vivi, my personal account.  But be advised that I use the REMOVE button A LOT, so, if you're a creepy, you won't make to the followers list HAHAHAHA ... Hope to see you around!
  • I'm in the honeymoon phase with my lashes again thanks to the new GOODVIBES mascara by @trestique. The smart design, which includes a curler, and the lightweight formula are the perfect combination that gives me longer lashes with the right amount of volume. A beautiful and clean look to any makeup style. I can't get enough and I'm showing how I get this look on my stories (later in the highlights). The GOODVIBES is available on #trestique's website( link in the bio) and if you use the code VIVIANEVIBES you’ll receive a free mini eye pencil! #trestiquepartner
  • #createcultivatenyc ✅ Another Create Cultivate 🥰 Empowered women empower women 💪🏼
  • Open your heart and eyes to the beauty around you. City vibes from Htown.
  • Driving my new hair around. Do you like it?! 🇧🇷 Dirigindo meu cabelo novo por ai. E aí, curtiu?!
  • 🇺🇸 If you are tired, take the time to rest. If you're confused, depressed or anxious, look for a therapist that you trust and work on get better.  Self-care goes beyond spas, facial masks and massages, self-care is to love and respect yourself more than anybody else. Invest on your mental health. Be kind to who matters the most... YOU. .
🇧🇷 Se você está cansada, descanse. Se está confusa, deprimida, ansiosa, busque ajuda na terapia. O autocuidado vai além de spas, máscaras faciais e massagens, o autocuidado é sobre se amar e se respeitar mais do que a qualquer outra pessoa. Invista na sua saúde mental e seja gentil com quem mais importa ... VOCÊ.
  • 🇺🇸 Two things I lack in my life: time and space in my bags 😂. I'm still negotiating w God to strech my days to 48 hours days, but as for the space in my bag, I found the solution buy giving preference to "all in one" palette, like this one from @hourglasscosmetics -  It has a bronzer, setting powder, blush and highlighter. .
Duas coisas que faltam na minha vida: tempo e espaço na bolsa 😂 . Ainda estou negociando com Deus para estender meus dias p/ 48 horas, e quanto ao espaço na minha bolsa, encontrei a solução dando preferência a maquiagens "all in one", como esta da @hourglasscosmetics - Tem  bronzer, pó, blush e iluminador.
  • 🇺🇸 What makes your Mondays happier?! Vitamin sea (aka beach) does this magic to me! I also got some extra happy pills coz TODAY I’m starting a “new-old” job, and after few years living a slow pace geological life, I’m back to the craziness of the offshore drilling. Wish me luck! 📸 @trish
🇧🇷 O que faz a sua segundas-feira mais feliz ?! Pra mim, uma praiana Já é o suficiente! Mas há tb um outro motivo: HOJE eu estou começando um "novo-velho" velho trabalho, e depois de alguns anos vivendo uma vida geológica lenta, estou voltando à loucura das operações de perfurações em mar. Deseje-me sorte! .
  • 🇺🇸 Hope you had a joyful Easter.  Eat all the chocolate you want, and don’t forget that today is about love and forgiveness... and so should be everyday.
🇧🇷 Espero que a sua Páscoa tenha sido maravilhosa! Coma todo chocolate vc quiser, e ñ esqueça que hj é sobre amor e o perdão ... e assim deveria ser todos os dias .

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