About & Contact

Hi, I’m Viviane but for the sake of this relationship, you can call me V. Yeap, just V, not Vivian or Vivi. Just V.

I’m a geologist, not geographer, a g-e-o-l-o g-i-s-t, the stereotyped nerd that Ross and Sheldon used to make jokes about! I work in the oil and gas industry , aka drilling wells all over the world looking for the black gold (well, more black silver lately due to the current oil barrel price, but not the point here… focus, Viviane). It’s fun, exciting and … very masculine. Diversity isn’t a thing in the oil industry. Let me believe that “not yet” is the right way to finish that sentence.  I’m also a mom, wife, yogini, feminist, philanthropist, Moscow Mule lover and much more! Just like you, I can’t be labeled. Amen.

Because there is no such thing as too busy,  I am adding a blog to my plate, and hopefully a podcast (ifI can only convince hubbs to have one with me). 

The Rio Thing is my space to be real (I do love the playing words thing I did here) and to write about shit that matters to me. And in case you’re wondering why Rio, it’s because I’m from  the most wonderful, magical and amazing place on Earth, Rio de Janeiro.

Hope you have fun with me. If not, well, at least we tried.


If you have questions, comments, or that overwhelming urge to say “Hello” shoot me an email using the form below or to vivianeluaces1@gmail.com 

You can also find me on the usual suspects of social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Yeah, I know, I don’t have Facebook!