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6 tips to make mornings with toddlers easier

Mornings with toddlers can be tough, especially when we are late. It’s like the universe conspires against us and everything goes wrong. From a milk spill to our kid refusing to put pants on. And although these type of days will always exist, there are a few things we can do to make mornings easier for the whole family.  


Prep everything your kid will need the night before

No doubt this is the best and simplest thing you can do to streamline the morning! Getting everything ready the night before will help you start the day in a much smoother and easier way. I know, it’s often easier said than done, but you’ll be grateful for doing it in the morning, especially those that you’re running late.
Once your kids are old enough, they can help with a lot of things. My two and a half year old helps by choosing what he wants for snacks and the clothes he’ll wear.


Prep everything YOU will need the night before

The same works for us. From the snacks I’ll take to work, to the clothes and accessories I’ll wear the following morning, including my yoga/workout bag, I leave everything ready the night before.


During bedtime routine, remind your kid about school the next day and solicit good intentions

The harder someone pushes their agenda on us, the more likely we won’t follow it, leading to a push back on them. The same happens to young children.
I learned that the best way to deal with it is telling Ben the plans for the morning his bedtime and I follow up by asking him:  “Can I count on you to dress up, have breakfast and get in the car to make tomorrow morning work?” Funny thing is that sometimes he will say no, and I have the opportunity to address the reasons for his resistance to the plan.


Simplify your skincare/makeup routines or wake up 30 min earlier

I am a morning person and generally, I’m up a couple of hours before everybody else which gives me time to take care of my morning routine. But on days that I’m late, I simplify my skincare routine down to 4 steps (clean, tone, serum and SPF). Sometimes,  I even pack my makeup to get it done in the office. You’ll always have nights and weekends to spend more time taking care of your skin.
If you’re looking to wake up a little earlier, 30 min. is all you need to nail the beauty routine.


Share the routine tasks with your partner

If you are blessed to have a partner who is always there to share the parenting tasks, include the morning routine and take some weight off your shoulders.
My husband is in charge to wake up and dress our little one, while I finish prepping the breakfast. He also feeds the dogs before going to work.


Easy breakfasts

Leave the yummy pancakes, eggs and crispy bacon for the weekends. On weekdays, keep it simple for the whole family with fruits, yogurt, granola, and toast.


Hire extra help just for the mornings

If all you need is somebody helping for 45 min. to guarantee a happy and stress-free morning, go for it! There are great nannies out there available for these kinds of gigs, you just have to find the right one for your family![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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